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If you’re in the beginning stages of starting a business, you know how important it is to have a good grasp on the foundations of business. We’re talking not just knowing how to begin a business and thinking you have the right stuff, but also making sure that you do the basics right.

If you’re in Washington, a good start to get these tips down is by attending a DC conference to practice your new people skills. The best way to get this down is by being out in the field, working on this skills in real life. There’s a process and learning curve to being good with people.

So many people focus on making money once they get past the foundations and they forget to go back to basics. At the end of the day, there’s a business, but there’s also you and your client. Your clients are the ones making you your money and your clients are the reason you’re still in business. Never lose sight of who got you there.

Sure, you yourself had a lot to do with it. But it’s constant appreciation for the people who support your business that can really make the difference between a wildly successful business and a business where sales and profits suddenly start dropping off. There may be some space in business for an ego, but there’s not all of the space available. Don’t get a big head. This article is here to remind you to focus, take a deep breath, and remember to focus on your client relationships in order to be successful– and happier, too.

Client relationships are so important when it comes to business. Particularly if you are a local business where people know your face, name, and reputation, it’s crucial to maintain good relationships with your clients. You want to be involved, considerate, and focused.


You never want to be so busy that a client cannot get in touch with you to communicate. Don’t be the man or the woman who forwards all their calls and never returns any! Business is all about a constant ebb and flow, and staying in touch with the people you work with or for helps keep that flow moving. You never want to be stagnant or stuck; always in motion.

Whether you’re a new business or an established one, it’s a brilliant idea for you to build those client relationships. A new business can always, always, always use more clients and more relationships. So can an established business. The difference is that with an established business, you always have great rapport with the clients– and need to build on that and develop a more complex relationship as time goes on. Successful business owners know clients on first name basis and how old their kids are. It’s good business practice and it’s just polite on top of it!

Your clients want to feel valued, just as you want to feel you are providing value to them as customers. Never forget to give them your best; a smile, a promptly returned call, a special discount, a kind word, a question about their family. If you’re not a cold blooded person, don’t act like one! People can only read what they see. An absence of something can make a statement. Make the right statement. Choose to make your clients a priority and build relationships with them. They’ll reward you by helping make your business thrive.